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Tragedy of a Waterfall Hunter

Harry with his favourite Coke at Lata Bomoh Ali
A tragedy had befallen to a friend, died as a warrior, generous friend n a passionate bachelor. The mystery of the missing experienced trekker (reported on Thurs 23 Aug 2012) unfolded when his body was found on Sat 25 Aug 2012 930am in dismembered body and missing eye balls.

I did not see Harry throughout de climb at Cemerong-Berembun-Langsir 18 to 20 August 2012. It was raining heavily on 18th August 130-230pm and 20th August 4 to 5pm. I saw two tents setup at big rock between the Park canteen n the tower. An army pants left hung on a tree at Kem Balak but I have never seen him in army pants.

Harry was planning to go to Terengganu falls for a week. When he started I have no idea. He was at Cemerong-Berembun-Langsir a week before Raya and told me he was planning to go again on Raya. He told me he would be at Cemerong park to take a group to waterfall on 18th. and will meet at Langsir waterfall on 19th. He knew my plan to CBL and camping destinations through our email correspondence.

It was said he went to hunt the waterfalls at Kelmin Forest on 17th August. He probably has met a group of 15 hikers from KL consisted of Ray, Ravi and Derek who overnight on 17th at Cemerong Park. They claimed to have met Harry on 18th morning to cook n eat breakfast. They said he was alone and was going to another waterfall (Kelmin) and not Cemerong falls. Although they met Harry for first time, Ray's friend Tam who was with him knew Harry and told Ray that he is waterfall hunter. 

On his wake service, it was reported that two Malay guides found Harry's body in dismembered state. According to a source, Harry's body was found at the log in the river where there is no place for camping. His handphone was found still working, and the last sms was not sent. The message reads : "Being bitten by many bees, couldn't move now. At Sg. Kelemin." This message was supposed to be sent out on 17.42hrs 17th August 2012.

I believed Harry met his unfortunate accident on 18th cos he was supposed to meet his frens at Cemerong-Langsir on 18th nite. On 18th 1.30-2.30pm was raining heavily for first time in the last few days, then followed by another downpour on 20th at 4-5pm. While on one hand, Siang Hui received sms from Harry on Friday that he saw a beautiful waterfall and would take him one day. Harry could have gone on 17th August Friday, and on same day got back to campsite at Cemerong Park and the next day went back to same spot. Or that there was some error either the date or wrong person
I believed he was still alive when he was swept and stuck between tree trunk. But too tired to move... And the animals attacked him. And yes, the bees attack was one factor that led him to run to water area. Further post mortem was unknown..

Harry was a careful person, and often go recce to waterfalls on weekdays. He brought his friends to share his discovery because he enjoyed their companion. It was unfortunate he met the accident. But it was unsafe to trek alone in the wild especially where no men been there to help if he needs it. Even no good line to call. It would be advisable to trek in at least 3 persons group, and be friendly to passers by especially Orang Asli and villagers of the jungle that you are visiting.  Never underestimate the powers of Nature, always take safety precaution around you especially in bad weather and entering the Spirit's territory.


The Star Published on Saturday August 25, 2012 MYT 7:41:00 PM

Missing executive found dead in Kelmin forest

DUNGUN: An advertising executive, who went missing after venturing into the Kelmin forest in Pasir Raja here to take photographs of the environment, was found dead near a river by a search and rescue team.
Dungun police chief Supt Dahlan Mohd Nor said the body of Harry Nian, 40, from Selangor, was found at 9.40am Saturday by the bank of the Kelmin River here.
"The victim is believed to have been dead for three to four days.
"He was said to have gone alone to the forest located about 30 kilometres from Kampung Kuala Jengai on Aug 18.
"He is understood to have entered the area a number of times to take photographs," he told Bernama.
Dahlan said police received a missing person report on Friday and immediately mounted the search operation with the assistance of other departments.
He said the body had been sent to Dungun Hospital for a post mortem. - Bernama

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