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Quest for the Magnificent Suku-Irau-Yellow-Pass range

At Puncak Janggut Ali, 1 hour 15 mins from Kem Bear. Left to right: Korbu, Gayong, Junction (with clouds), Anak Yong Belar, Yong Belar (pointed). In front of Yong Belar is Mt Yellow (slightly hidden) and Mt 3 Negeri (Triple Boundary). (Photo by Beh Beh Loh)
Team: Alex Chang, Kian Chong, Cheong Ee Lic, Ignatius, Beh Beh Loh, Mike Low, Dan Pang, CK Wesley, Esiang Sam, Yeing Yeing, Sim Kim Huat, Say Li
Guide: Mohd Nazry & Halim

4-5 Feb'12: A 3d2n Suku-Irau-Yellow-Pass became 2d1n trip. It turned 2d1n cos the campsite at G.Yellow was occupied so we took night trek out of jungle. Windy weather but moist. Drizzled from 4 to 5pm on both days and it did not rain whole night. Lots of sandflies at both campsites, though nil leeches and bees during the trek. I earned 16 kisses of aggressive sandflies.

Here I was standing with own eyes in unbelievable gaze at Titiwangsa Range, I must say it is indeed more beautiful when measuring how high the mountains you have scaled. It was amazing when seeing a long vision became a reality- that Mt Yellow was far in sight yet we completed it. That Mt Pass was near yet it was mental wrenching as it was physically & mentally long to reach it. We were indeed rewarded with good weather, cooling so we weren't so exhausted along the steep and long trail. Mossy forest and mossy plants were unexpectedly awesome. Some pitchers were dried up, very few flowers in sight; and that means no honey for the bees and bears during our trek.
Suku trail were mostly steep from 50 - 80 degrees like going to Haadyai, traverse trail mostly down with logs for crawling; and Mt Yellow to Mt Pass trail involved 3-4 hills that takes 30 mins to ascend each hills. The quest turned out to be like backpacking to Japan for skyline trees and cold weather, New Zealand for mountain range, America for bear trail, and definitely Malaysia aka Lord of the Rings for the mossy forest.

Day 1
8.00am 4wd pick up
9.00am Reached trailhead
9.15am Started trek
12.00nn Reached Suku summit @ 1770m
             Lunch break. Some took nap.
1.00pm Last person arrived
1.10pm Descended 180m,
             then uphill another 200m reach false peak at 1770m;
             then gradual descend 200m.
2.40pm Arrived at Rock Face
              Tea break
5.00pm Arrived at Kem Bear @ 1550m
8.30pm Zzz

Day 2
 06.45am Wake up call
 09.00am Started trek
10.30am Arrived at Puncak View @ 1765m
               Photo session.
11.00am Arrived at 1821/1721 @ 1865m
               Lunch Break
01.00pm Arrived at Irau Junction @ 2100m
               Detour 10 mins to Irau summit @ 2107m
02.00pm Trekked move to Mt Yellow
05.00pm Arrived at Stone 344 LWP
05.15pm Arrived at Mt Yellow @ 1600m
               Dinner break
06.45pm Last person arrived at Mt Yellow
07.15pm 1st group descend to Mt Pass
07.45pm Last 4 and 2 guides to descend to Mt Pass after sunbset shooting & dinner
09.15pm Last persons arrived at Stone 425
09.45pm Last persons arrived at View (where guide & I found Beh Beh who was in SOS mode 

                making phone call)
10.00pm Moved to Mt Pass 

               (10.30pm Magnificent 4 arrived at Pass exit)
11.30pm Arrived at Stone 600, supper break
12.10mn Arrived at Mt Pass @ 1550m
               (12.15mn 6 hikers + guide arrived at Pass exit)
12.45am Last person (2 hikers + 1 guide cum sweeper) out of Mt Pass

View from roadside, Mt Korbu-Gayong (Photo by Sunrise Seekers)

Hike at g.Suku is steep all de way (Photo by Ee Lic)
But rewarded with mossy Suku forest (Photo by Ee Lic)
This photo is priceless: Euphoria Lunch in the nest of Suku summit (Photo by Kian Chong)

Trailblazing view from Suku false peak  (Photo by Ee Lic)

 Janggut Ali (Ali's beard) at Rock Face (Photo by SunriseSeekers)

Jungle view from above from Kem Bear (Photo by Mike Low)

Kem Bear near Sg Jerging falls (Photo by Ee Lic)
Team photo with background of Titiwangsa Range at Puncak View (Photo by Ee Lic)
Colourful moss trail I have ever seen, at Puncak View (Photo by SunriseSeekers)
Tall mossy trail at Puncak View
(Photo by SunriseSeekers)
White mossy carpet
(Photo by SunriseSeekers)

Hill sized mosses! (Photo by Ee Lic)

Top: Bonsai garden (photo by Esiang Sam);
Bottom: Peak 1821/1721 where we turned to get to Mt Irau (photo by SunriseSeekers)

Skyline of mountains (Photo by Beh Beh Loh)

Plants & Onions between Puncak View and 1821/1721
(Top 3 photos by SunriseSeekers; above photo by Ee Lic)
Pitchers are humans too
(Photo by SunriseSeekers)
Resting at mossy Yellow, one hour before Yellow summit (Photo by Ee Lic)

Sunset view at G.Yellow (Photo by Beh Beh Loh)

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