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A Pilgrimage to Mt Murud - the Praying Mountain

Mt Murud is the tallest mountain in Sarawak. It stands at 7950 feet or 2255 metres tall above sea level.

13 July 2011:
KL-KK flight 2.5 hours
KK- Lawas Van ride 3.5 hours @ RM30 per pax per way
Stay overnight at host, Ranggai's house

14 July:
0630am Lawas - Lepo Bunga 4wd ride 6 hours @ RM120 per pax per way

1045am Arrived at Lepo Bunga, gathered bags down for porter service
11-12nn Lunch
12noon Hike started from Lepo Bunga @ 1700m asl
0230pm Arrived at Batu Linalit @ 2205m asl (actual 7600 ft/ 2255m asl)
0345pm Arrived at Church Camp, Reked Meligan @ 2085m asl
0630pm ETA Last person in team to arrive at Church Camp

15 July:
Church services

16 July:
0630am Summit hike @ 2370m asl (actual 7950ft/ 2424m asl) being the tallest mountain in Sarawak
(Bakelalan ppl started as early as 5am - still raining!)

1145am Arrived at Summit, Prayer service ongoing since11am
1255nn Prayer service over, descend

0130pm Lunch  
0530pm Arrived at Church Camp
0600pm ETA last person in team

17 July:
Church services

18 July:
0730am Getting ready to leave Church Camp, hiked at 8am
(Most local people descended as early as 5am due to early start work)
0310pm Arrived at Lepo Bunga
0400pm ETA Last person in team
0900pm Arrived at Lawas by 4WD, check bags and check in hotel

19 July:
1100am Leave Lawas for KK
0200pm Arrived at Air Asia Airport
0230pm Check in hotel at KK, lunch, jalan jalan at Filipino market

20 July:
0430am Walk to Filipino market
0630am Arrived at hotel
0200pm Left hotel for airport, taxi ride at RM30 per way.

The spiritual adventure:-

This is a Christian prayer revival meeting that held every 2 years. This year is at Mt Murud, and next year will be at Bakelalan. The next Revival Meeting is on July 2012.
A total of 800 + delegates came for the meeting this year. Two years ago, it was 700+.
They came from all walks of age, tribe and nation. The oldest probably 70 years old, and the youngest 2 years old. The Revival Meeting encourages to bring their children along.

It was an eye opening trip especially the services and worship are conducted in Malay language (with interpretation in English), in addition to different kind of living environment.  To me, I thought I could adapt to it easily as I had been camping on high altitude. The difference was the extreme weather affected my skin; and the outside public toilet that was strictly to be used; and sleep late, rise early! The coldest is at 16 degrees Celcius, the warmer at 19 degrees Celcius.

The first night revealed that God is our provider when we found out that our porters could only bring our bags containing sleeping bags and warm change the next early morning! Thankfully, our host has extra mats and blankets; and the host family also has extra clothing to be loaned to my team members in wet trekking attire. Thank to Adam for telling me to bring sleeping bag and warm attire along before we started hike, due to insufficient porters. For those who are fit and seasoned climbers, it is advised that they carry their own backpacks as the porters are limited and had to go through muddy trail. A physically fit or seasoned climber could reach Church Camp from Lepo Bunga less than 4 hours (non fit will take 6-7 hours); and from Church Camp to Summit takes 7 hours return in daypack but I took 9 hours return in daypack probably due to crowds and extreme weather change.

The Lunbawangs and other delegates sharing under one roof with us were friendly. When I arrived at Church Camp, I wasn't sure where I would be staying; so I asked the delegates who arrived there earlier of the location of our host. Everyone knew where the host's house. Cooking for 30 ppl done by paid cooks was an efficient job in between tight church services. Not only efficient, but also delicious. The whole Church Camp experience came as a homestay with the local natives that led simple life, the praying on the mountaintop, and 3+ hours church worship and prayer sessions (altogether about 6 sessions).

I felt much of God's presence when I reached the Summit. The ladies in front of me were tired and exhausted, yet they kept on going, and sang praises. Worship became more melodious ringing into my ears everywhere. Many people were hunger for God. They knew that every step of journey comes with hardship and God knew that. When I came down, I saw more of orchids than when ascend time; and felt the soaking of Holy Spirit rain. It was tough under the rain as the summit trail became soft and muddier as compared to the trail from Lepo Bunga to Church Camp.

On the last day when we left Church Camp and descended, I had stomach pain. Thank God, I managed to overcome the difficulties and my body was still strong. The rest of my team members also faced sickness, weakness and hunger due to lack of physical training. I am reminded of the story of devil's tempting Jesus in the wilderness; and He overcame them by telling that:-
1) Man lives on the Word of God, not the bread alone.
2) Do not put the Lord your God to the test.
3) Worship the Lord your God, and serve him only.

More testimonies of the Revival Meeting can be viewed at;
or if you are planning a "pilgrimage" there, check out

More detailed pictures of Church Camp 

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