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Trailblazing greens of g.Ledang via Sagil

Height: Up to Botak Hill at 1200m
Level of difficulty: 3.9 out of 5, after Bukit Kutu due to rope climbs
Duration: Daypack 5 hours from Sagil park to Botak Hill/ Lembah Majapahit; daypack 2.5 - 3 hours descend loop trail passing beautiful mossy area
Travel: 2 hours drive from KL; 2-4 hours drive from Singapore
Cost: RM12 for entry, climb and insurance for Malaysian; RM 22 for non-Malaysian
          RM17.50 for guide fee (RM140/ 8 pax)
          RM16 for dinner
          RM25 petrol + toll share (RM20 toll per way)


Last minute to decide follow Sam's plan to Ledang on 28 August 2011. Ledang can now only be accessed via Sagil, as Asahan entrance has been closed. The Summit of Ledang also closed due to landslide tat is now not safe for anyone attempting there. Dayhike and camping trip is possible. At Sagil, there are various accomodation from deluxe room to huts. Camping is allowed at Padang Batu near summit, and climb to Gunung Mahligai next to Ledang Hill is possible. Guide is compulsory and therefore, booking of guide is required one week before the trip, and no walk-in.  

A reasonably moderate fit hiker can complete dayhike up to Botak Hill in 5 hours and descend in 2.5 hours. Mostly uphill, nevetheless the view is beautiful from CP5 to Botak Hill with extreme boulder climb with rope that required strong arms. The trail is clean, dry and easy to run down during descend without difficulty.

630am Met at Petronas Taman Segar
800am Breakfast at Tangkak
900am Arrived at Sagil entrance
            Getting ready, registered at Park
930am Started hike began with climbing Steps
1000am Arrived at CP1 Bukit Semput. Steep uphill to CP2
1030am Arrived at CP2. Steep uphill to CP3
1100am Arrived at CP3 Batu Orkid. Gradual uphill to CP4
1130am Arrived at CP4 Gradual uphill to CP5
1200nn Arrived at CP5 Sg. Tiga Segi. Downhill, flat to CP5. Guide saw footprint and guessed either panther, goat or dog.
Break 30 minutes
1230nn Left CP5 Steep uphill and downhill to CP6
0100pm Arrived at CP6 Gua Kambing: Met a white dog. Climbed caves with ladder and passed by laluan KFC.
0130pm Climbed boulder with thick rope at Batu Hampar.
0150pm Arrived at Taman Bonsai. Steep uphill to Botak Hill
0210pm Arrived at Botak Hill. Steep downhill
0220pm Arrived at Water Source at Lembah Majapahit. Lunch break and refill bottle.
0240pm Descend
0500pm Last person arrived at Park (I ran down all the way follow white dog and arrived at Park at 440pm)


The resort:-


  1. I always love to hike but haven't got the chance yet. Nice blog especially the korbu story. Will add u to my blog roll so that I can be updated.

  2. thx for liking my blog. Keep hiking to explore the unknown beauty of Malaysia. Korbu is tough hike, but I like the landscape view from Korbu to Gayong. Will update on Mt Murud and Mt Tapis soon.