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Walking down the Memory lane of Malacca

A cg retreat for year 2011, 6-7 August. We managed to get a nice homestay with living/ dining hall at RM350.


We started the trip at Jonker Street but it was full of tourists and I bet the famous chicken rice balls were less tasty due to long queue of tourists. However, in the Chicken Rice Ball Restaurant, there are antiques that you could take photograph for free, and it is uniquely Malacca. Parking is difficult along the streets but not at car park opposite Casa del Rio. 

The weather was cloudy but after lunch it was very hot. Many accessories shop displayed No Photograph label, few don't (or I did not see it). The price were more or less the same, but I am not fan of decorations. The weather was hot, and with crowds at our sight, fans and umbrellas were useful. We headed to Rendezvous for our teatime; and thank God, the coffee shop wasn't crowded and noisy. Its specialty are Nyonya Durian Ice Kacang, pineapple tarts and dumpling. I especially liked the durian ice kacang, where its durian filling is original and soft.
Dumpling tasted different, uniquely Nyonya style

Nyonya Durian Ice Kacang

Our daytrip ended with handfuls of shopping bags and 2 guys' head in new hats... and also snapped pics at Quayside on our way back to carpark. We did not take the boat ride for 8 pax as we were at the other side of jetty. From far, I could see a revolving tower that is similar to Space Shot Solero ->> Menara Taming Sari ( ). I just knew about it since my last visit to Malacca 20 years ago.
BBQ crab - crispy & clean from BBQ dirt

At night we head to Ujong Pasir for Seafood Village Portuguese Settlement ( ). There were many shops, and Desmond only knew the first one which at that time was crowded while the rest is yet to be. We arrived there about 720pm, and while waiting 30 mins or so before we got our table, we walked along the beach for photography. Nice place to enjoy the sea & sky and the fishermen's catchings. After dinner, we went to Jonker Street night market at 10pm. I am glad I made to the nite market as there were many good bargains esp ladies' accessories. The Jonker street was alive till about 1120pm.

Oysters as large as small rocks.

Mango Assam Juice is famous here

Horseshoe crab

Sunset view at Portuguese Settlement

The next day, we tried Nyonya food for lunch at Amboi Restaurant. The food are delicious with many varities, and we snapped them fast. The parking are spacious as it is located at Taman Melaka Raya but it is advised to come early as this area has many food outlets.

Portuguese Ikan Bakar at Amboi Restaurant

Note: On Malacca town roads, I saw a number of Singapore registered cars. Malacca town has since becoming more crowded than I last visited 15 -20 years ago when a bullock cart ride in front of A Famosa existed (now no more).

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