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Trail of Mt Murud in need of dire repair

Mount Murud or Gunung Murud with the high of 7950 ft is the tallest mountain in Sarawak Malaysia.This mountain is not popular like Mount Mulu in Mulu Park.The people of Sarawak consider this mountain as sacred because every year in the month of July they have a gathering for praying occasion for the Christians at Haleluya Base camp church.The peak is often covered by cloud and to view the summit is very rare.The weather change very fast and frosty.From the summit during good weather we can view Brunei, Kalimantan, Bareo, Batu Lawi and Mount Mulu. (source: http://www.peakware./peaks.html?pk=1939)

Mt Murud always rain throughout the year, resulting in soft, muddy soil. The cold weather at Summit could delay its drying process before the trail could get back to normal for trek. The driest month during the year is July, and yet it can still be muddy like in the picture top left. Even a kg adidas shoe could be torn (see top right picture) and defeated to the mud there.

The Joy Bridge (Jambatan Sukacita) was built from 1000m asl to 1100m asl which takes about 1 hour walk. However in my trip on 14-18 July 2011, some parts of the bridge has lost its grip due to rusty nails and wet woodplanks. Such bridge is dangerous to trod on, as one could step a weak wood plank and fell into the mud below about 1.5m from woodplank. There was a time a member was resting her hand to the bridge pillar of a run-down section of bridge, and the zinc roof above it turned loose. It was fortunate that she did not use heavy pressure otherwise the whole bridge top would fall. Delegates to the Revival Meeting or climbers to Mt Murud would have to use the muddy trail for safety, especially those who are not physically fit to endure the muddy trail. (Kg adidas and walking stick helps in this kind of trekking)

The Church Camp also were not spared. On the day of baptism, it was raining and after it stopped, the delegates went to the pool to witness water baptism. However, as I went there the roof top of the small bridge connecting to the pool has fallen and the wooden pillars were unforgiving.

Mt Murud is a beautiful hike I ever made in Malaysia, as I could see two different landscape of desert-like and on-top-clouds-like. It also rich in its flora and fauna; and has very cold temperature. Revival Meeting is organised every 2 years and the toddler and elderly native Christians also make to the Mount Murud. If Mt Murud trail not protected, especially logging trails in 6 hours ride up to Lepo Bunga, this unique heritage would be lost.   
The Church Camp Committee, Pelayanan Doa Gunung Murud Ba'kelalan is upgrading the condition to Mt Murud. As updated by Pudun Tadam from the Committee on 25 July 2011, three truck loads of bricks arrived at Lepo Bunga within that week and they are negotiating with Ps Sinawat for 22 tons of belian. 
The concrete is for the pond, so that we can have cleaner water to bathe in; the bridge is to be constructed connecting the houses to the chapel so that people won't have to walk on the cold icy grassy path. We should preserve the jungle by not developing for easy access for vandalisers but at the same time we need some planned development. A viable development suggestion is also welcomed to be input to the Committee.

Donation for repairing the trail with woodplanks and Church Camp facilities could be channelled to Maybank account 111047-148074 in favour of "Pelayanan Doa Gunung Murud Ba'kelalan". Contact Alfred Dawet 013 8399472.

To God be The Glory.

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