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Madworld - my first performing arts blog (trf from Multiply)

MadWorld- two in one word. Why one?, I asked Ronny, the head producer during the Bloggers Sneak Preview for MadWorld on 17 November 2010. The script, started from a long title "How We Should Save the World", was written by Kenny who is also the main character, Adam the Victim.

MadWorld emphasizes the people in the world as the main subject of the story - Lucas the Corporate man and Adam the Victim. Had it be in two words, "Mad World" gives a stigma that the world at large, is mad beyond our control.

We associate "Mad" with craziness, psychotic, anger, hysteria or stupid. Its term is defined by in various meanings: extravagant or immoderate; furious with rage, terror or disease; angry; roused to anger; disordered in intellect; an earthworm; marked by uncontrolled excitement; very foolish; rabid; and lastly, a slattern! (Slattern is referred to a prostitute, or dirty, untidy woman. But, that is an old reference!)

MadWorld, an audio visual stage describes "Mad" vividly in the emotions and movements through dramatical dance; debatable dialogue between a pure, child Angel and a devilish, dark Sinister; melodious singing by various nationalities singers and blue or white costumed choirs. Creative use of construction planks and multimedia technology gives different mood effects. These are synergy arising from talents of two churches, DUMC and SIBKL. 

The scene begins with war and devastation scene, where the victims in colourful rags display hunger, suffering and despair. Adam mourns for death of a loved one, whom he cannot save for what he has no control of. Their dance tells me the Victims are Nobodies- the rejected, the sick, the poor, the handicapped, the ugly, the unloved, the hopeless, the low class, and the forgotten.


 On the other hand, in a lively Christmas party the executives and socialites dancing and toying with sexual attraction for entertainment. Lucas licks the taste of sensual love of women, whom he can buy for what he has control. The Executive or Socialite people are easily identified as Somebodies- the accepted, the healthy, the rich, the normal, the good looking, the loved, the promising, the high class and the known.

Is life is all about making profit; when we care only about our own existence when, others around us could be drowning? Singers and dancers in corporate wear dominate the whole stage with song "In Our Own Existence" produced by Weng On and Tabitha of SIBKL. Lucas came into scene with wife to pamper him, and interestingly, to lean on his back as lifebuoy. Adam projects his pangs of anger, sorrow and desperateness for hope, with no one to love him.

The encounter between the Adam and Lucas is brought into a scene with techno sound effects. I could not help being amused with the heart pumping dance moves of different warlords of MadWorld. I recognised elements of hip hop movement in their dance, cool eh? This followed by a conflict between a cold Lucas and his heart broken wife. Now, Lucas is alone.       
What does it profit a man who gains the whole world but loses his very soul? What about those whose lives are shattered by suffering - do they matter? The reflection on the mirror between the two warlords brings the musical to its peak. Both are crying because their souls are worthless and empty. Both are clenching their fists, for an action. What or who can make their souls worthy? 

Find out during the showtimes of MadWorld at:
DUMC Dream Centre, Section 13, Petaling Jaya
3 December 8pm and
5 December 3pm & 8pm;
SIBKL Auditorium, Bangunan Yin (next to Phileo Damansara)
25 December 7.30pm and
26 December 10am & 7.30pm

For more details, check at Share and RSVP MadWorld on Facebook, too!
And I must add, this is truly a pure performing arts, not just a drama. I love dance but am no critic of dance, yet I enjoy watching it over and over! Come and watch this beautiful production for FREE and explore the ART-soul in you! MadWorld could happen to you and I (wink). 


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