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Yellow Pages of Sekinchan tour

Sekinchan is a small town in Sabak Bernam district, Selangor state with its population that consists of 70% Chinese and 30% Malays. Whereas its nearby town, Tanjong Karang has more Malay population. Today, Sekinchan is one of the major rice producing areas in Malaysia. The major breadwinners of the Sekinchan are paddy farmers, fishermen and businessmen. The folks are friendly, and they knew almost everyone in the small town. 

The properties in Sekinchan is almost the same price as in Kuala Lumpur. A shophouse ownership worth a half million ringgit. A brick house, be it semi-detached or double stories house costs on average about RM400,000. New restaurants are mushrooming to adopt modern business practice similar to the ones Kuala Lumpur.    

1) How to get to Sekinchan

There are two ways to get there, namely from federal highway to Klang link to Kuala Selangor and Sekinchan , and the other is by North-South Highway to LATAR highway (newly opened since 1st July 2011) is quite straightforward that link to Kuala Selangor and Sekinchan.

Whereas for North-South highway, u take first left exit after the exit to Guthrie Corridor Highway. I missed the turn and had to take next exit that led me to Rawang and back to the missed exit. It took me an hour to turn back including traffic jam. You will pass Tanjong Karang village full of banana trees and oil palm plantation. When you arrived the little town, you will see a Hospital on your right and drive over a flyover bridge. The signature of Sekinchan town is the paddy field itself. The moment you arrive at Sekinchan, you will see a paddy field and a line of fruits stalls with its orderly arranged fruits in standing racks.

2) Where to stay
Harbour View Hotel is probably the biggest hotel in Sekinchan.Other than this hotel, there are several Homestay along the main road that you could check out. For example, Sekinchan Summer Resort & Homestay and Sg.Haji Dorani Homestay, For a big group of 10 or more, you can opt to stay at above shop lot (first floor at ING office  – 10, Jln Ria, SBC, 45400 Sekinchan, Selangor. Tel : 03 3241 4858 )for RM300 per day included home equipments facilities. Sekinchan is famous among photographers, and on weekends the rooms are fast snapped, so you are advised to book early at least one month advance.

If you want to save money and could tolerate warm weather and improper toilet/bathroom, try to camp at the beach. There are about 5 tree-houses built with hammock nets, all at different sizes. Bring your own tent if you do not want to get bitten by mosquitoes or sandflies (a Sekinchan friend who camped there mentioned there were lots of them but that night I didn't see any). You can set your own hammock under the tree house itself, if there are spaces.

The beach is safe, and for added security request Police Careline 03-3241 0222 to "ronda" the beach after midnight. There is a Police Station in town and at the beach.

3) Where to eat
i) Mamawe Cafe (in front of Hong Leong Bank, 03-32410825 or h/p: 012 286 6965 )

is Eddie's family business. Some of the foods are cooked by his wife, Madam Wi. That is how the cafe got its name – MaMawe Cafe. That is how the cafe got his name. The Cafe operated a year ago, and has nice dining environment and the prices are reasonable. The food range from local Chinese & Malay food to Western food. The open and indoor dining suits families and young people, and I liked its emphasis on healthy meals. At night, it was crowded with young people as a place to hang out.

Chicken and Cheese Pasta - my friend Rita liked it

Fresh Honeydew drink

Chocolate Mint ice cream - it was nice feel after hot ride

Chicken Chop Ramen - lots of ramen and to be eaten fast for "fresh" chicken

ii) Seafood Restaurant. There were many seafood restaurants around the fishing village but they were fast selling business around 6.30 or 7pm and would close early (we missed their seafood cos there were many crowds at the beach that day.) We went to Restoran SSH Seafood Restaurant in town that were still open after 7pm, and it serves delicious simple seafood anyhow. I like the simplicity of seafood and they  taste good for a feel in outskirts.They also serves crab meals but it was finished.
Fish with dry chillies - I like its cooking style
Spicy squids

Stewed pork - lean meat though has fats
Yong tau foo, the fishballs were so thick & tasty!
4) What to do
i) Cycling - you may rent bicycles from bicycle shops. I saw there are two bicycle shops in town and they close at 6pm. One of the shop is Lau Chua Bicycle shop, where you can rent bicycle for about RM20 per day. Contact 019-645 0639 (mandarin speaking). 
ii) Jogging - At the evening or morning, there were joggers seen at the paddy field. The road are partly tar rod and gravel road.
iii) Fishing - At the beach the sea is not deep enough, you need to go to Jalan 1 or the main road behind Jalan 1 to go fishing where you will see an old jetty.  For those without fishing rod, you can try fishing eels using chicken intestines at the paddy field (best time is after harvest).
iv) Photography - Paddy field and the beach are good spots. 
v) Bird watching - the best is near the fishing village.
vi) Stargazing

5) When to buy fresh fishes
Fresh fishes at the fishing villages are available for sale and the best time to buy them is during high tide (please take note that high tide time is different everyday). One of fishermen, Chong Tee can be contacted at 019-374 9906 if you wish to buy his fresh fishes, 1.5km away from the beach spot. 

The fishermen has no fixed time of rest. When my friends and I arrived, it was 3pm and there were 2 group of fishermen at work - unloading the fishes from their boat, cleaning and packing before sent to be frozen. There were 2-3 individual buyers packing their purchases in cooler box. After they were done buying, my friend and I approached the fishermen, but the fishes already finished as the rest were for their distributors.


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