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Beautiful Tabur


Tabur West:

Location: Jalan Kolam Air, Kuala Lumpur.
Level of difficulty: 2 out of 5 (not suitable for beginners and those who are afraid of height)
Level of risk: 4 out of 5 (no safety landing if fall)

The hike to Tabur West as in the above pictures was done on 10 December 2011.
Arrived at meet point 530am, last persons arrived at 615am.
Started hike at 640am, arrived at dam view 710am,
2 hours sunrise view and pics.
Left dam view 910am
Arrived at last junction 10am, snapped pics at the Garden of Adam & Eve;
Reached carpark 1030am

Tabur West boasts a a name as Crystal Mountain among travellers. I got to know about it when a tourist asked a nurse who happened to be my friend at a Sunway Medical Centre. However, it has becoming more frequented by hikers and new hikers as well as it is a short hike and close to Klang Valley. Unfortunately new hikers were not aware of the dangers of climbing and requires a proper stamina. There were several cases of death accidents (including 2 doctors) and one injured from a fall (happened to be a frequent hiker that I knew). And more in the last last few years (I wrote this article long time ago, and more accidents again up to date.)  

It requires rock scrambling but need not any training in rock climbing. Just a flexible body with ability to climb independently on rocks. Need right footing, good observation and strength to carry own weight. Few climbers I knew gave up due to afraid of height and the need to scramble between rocks when ascending. Tabur East is best to be attempted first before Tabur West.    

Tabur East:

Location: Jalan P4, Persiaran Bukit Melawati, Kuala Lumpur.
Level of difficulty: 2 out of 5 (not suitable for beginners)
Level of risk: 3 out of 5 (some trail slippery and up & down hiking terrain)

Hiking on 1 Feb 2012 being Federal Territory Day is interesting when you see the KL Streets so quiet and quaint and I can move fast without trouble. I need training prior my 3 days 2 nights hiking, so coincidentally Renee Tan answered my call to join her tp Tabur East. It had been ages I last hiked Tabur East completely, the last was probably 3 years ago. I am happy with a good change here: the signboards at every stops. They make easy identification in case someone took a breather and turned back. The con is that some sections with rope climb has wider gaps now. I wonder how come I can't reach it as compared to last time?

We started hike at 830am, and bumped a group of Malay guys who came to hike Tabur East for first time. Renee Tan and her two friends were being friendly with them so eight of us hiked together. I forgotten to bring insect repellent as Tabur East has lots of mossies. But surprisingly it wasn't much. After 30 mins at Tongkat Ali, one of the Malay guys stopped to rest. Two guys and I went ahead. I started to feel tired after 1 hour and took break. Three of us completed the hike in 1.5 hours and we felt a flight of breeze blowing strongly against us. We took shots and 30 mins later, Renee, Sophia and two Malay guys arrived at 10.30am. The last Malay guy KO at Tongkat Ali cos his weight pulled down his strength due to steep hike in first 30 mins. 

On way back at 30th minute, I heard strong blow of leaves like a symphony. It was awesome as if Nature was greeting me, "How are you? We are happy to see you here!". Watch my video that I uploaded below.

Instead of turning back to same trail when descending, I took a left turn downhill after the long rope climb descend. There were durian and mangosteen plantation, and then toward the end of the trail, there was a wooden house. The trail down is pretty slippery with pebbles on hot day, or mud if raining the night before.

Tabur Far East:

Location: Behind Kemensah Zoo, Kuala Lumpur.
Level of difficulty: 3 out of 5 (not suitable for beginners)
Level of risk: 3 out of 5 (most of the trail is slippery and narrow terrain)

The frontier of exploring the Tabur, starting with the mysterious Tabur East of East is finally revealed. The trail is narrow and steep once reaching near the quartz rocks, with about three or four rounds of mini rock climb using man-made ropes and hands. I would say it is easier than Tabur East, being only take below two hours to reach summit. (but not easy task to set the roping, Thank you to whoever set it!). After this place has reached many hikers' knowledge (due to posting on Facebook?) few years ago, the rope being the key to entry of this place has been removed. 

Beginning of this trail there were junctions, all under the trees. The value of this place, as few hikers came to recce, one would not expect encountering small leeches and dangerous points but worth for big, round mosses and fungi. The danger is minimised if with careful and strong footing (not suitable for beginner). In this trip, I tripped once into fallen trail, landing myself to old thorny plants. 

Being the least visited place, I would love to come again as secret getaway, as there are good shades of trees, flora and fauna. 

One can attempt this hike if the ropes are still intact. Without ropes, the hike is not possible to reach to the peak.

Last but not least, all hikes to Tabur Hills are best to be attempted during very early morning before the burning sun is out at ten o'clock. I have attempted Tabur East at night before, but it was very humid to climb and I am not good with night view. I prayed that Tabur Hill will continue to be preserved well, because when there are too many hikers at Tabur Hill its rock gravity could not be support the weight, The nature has its own limits. Respect its timing to recover and there are plenty of places to hike should you find Tabur Hills too crowded. I had been in a time when Tabur Hills were in risk of being cut off to solve water crisis, but it was saved when UNESCO gazetted it as reserved forest. There was a time Tabur Hills were in risk of defacation in grafittis by irreponsible hikers. There was a time Tabur Hills to be closed due to its location near private housing area. I had even seen leftover of small fire burning (done the night before for sunrise view?).    

There was could there is. We will not know the future of Tabur Hills unless it is well taken care by the public and Forestry Department. The instill of interest in the beauty of the dam sometimes be overtaken by the "I concquered Tabur" but we have not conquered ourselves to continue preserving the environment everywhere we go - home, neighbourhood, parties, offices and countries we visited.

With many cases of death and injured accidents in Tabur hills, the Forestry Department has implemented a law that hiking Tabur Hill requires a permit from Forestry Department. Permit application can be made in any of their office stated during office hours 8.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday walk-in only. They fee for each hiker is RM5.00. If anyone found in accidents and the authority are alerted, there would be an issue to send their rescue teams and helicopter. Prevention is better than cure.

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