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We Need Diverse Books (WNDB) Campaigns Me!

Oh this is new note! Thanks to the hands for writing it. I wished I could write longer.

A post at requested me to spread about their campaign and 100 diverse Young Adults books would be given to twenty lucky winners in the United States of America! Yeah, pretty a lot for generous campaign because they are celebrating an anniversary! 

It started when I came across a writing contest for LGBT, minorities and people with disabilities. It grabbed me a special attention because I am a person with hearing impairment. I visited their blog at and came to know that they publish stories strictly written by a diverse people. They are the LGBT, minorities and special people with disabilities that we often misunderstood. Jumping into a bandwagon, I believe the publisher is doing a favour despite the opposition by other writers not in their category. Diverse race, background and disabilities often the subject for shut out and unheard.  How many of us including I, understood the minorities and special people? We raced to top and we forget them who are climbing behind because we expect them to follow the normal standards and rules. The arrogance of looking down at  LGBT, minorities and special people  is swallowed by ignorance and perfectionism.

Once I made a visit to a centre for special children- most of them with down syndrome. When I helped them in their craftwork; some were not appreciating my effort, some banging themselves repetitively. After watching a movie about children with autism and down syndrome, I gained a precious knowledge that they are slow learners and tend to react negatively any effort that downgrade their work. I learnt to encourage any imperfection and to be patient with them.

They have good stuff to learn from on life. I had visited the refugees and aboriginal people and I could not comprehend their life ups and downs. What if you and I were in their shoes? So, I hope to be the lucky winner to win and read their books! (The closing date is 10 April 2015.) 

They also have a short story writing contest for target readers of 8 to 12 years old, available for submission from now till 8th May 2015. For more details, see

The WNDB Walter Dean Myers Award for Young Adult is looking to reward young adult stories for teenagers aged 13 to 18 years old. The submission must be a diverse work written by a diverse author. The work also must be published in USA for the first time in year 2015. 

All the best in your creative writing.

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