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R.I.P. A swimmer and gentleman dog 7 Aug 2003 - 18 Jan 2012

7 Aug 2003 - 18 Jan 2012 R.I.P. Ben the Dog of BS Khoo & Ai Lei.

I met him once.

Awed by his loud pant and heavy Deuter backpack on his back when he past me at trekking. And he is gentleman to let me trek ahead of him.

Awed by his swimming when he chased the frisbee branch thrown into the pool. And he is gentleman with his rough paws on me when racing for the same frisbee.

Awed by his strength letting a gal ride on his back while swimming. And he is gentleman by understanding our needs.

Awed by his adorable face when he was sad or sleepy; cos he loved every moment with us. And I shall miss you.

God Bless You, Ben. Dogs go to heaven too!
Ben giving his back ride to his master
Swimming at Penang Beach with buddy

Very supportive to ladies, deserved good bed

7 Aug 2003 - 18 Jan 2012


  1. Early of the day.. Ben having diarrhoea n vomited blood in the morning.
    BS Khoo took it to vet, vet said.. dehydration.
    then.. advised to leave it in clinic for two days
    then... one hour later.. while BS Khoo at work,
    Ben passed away.

  2. Shafinaz Shamsuddin said:
    "He was such a good swimmer and he even saved my life once from drowning in KKB. Only thing was he was only barely 4 months old and I hung on to lil Ben and as I was too heavy for him, I too brought him into the water gasping for breath! He surfaced and quickly swam AWAY from me as I later hung on to Skye :) Ben must be thinking this woman is crazy!! I miss him dearly terribly so much..."

  3. Say Li, thanks for remembering Ben and all the nice words of him... I still miss him very dearly every single day ..

  4. I adore and respect dogs who sacrifice its life for his master and friends. Ben indeed worth to note. Every adventure it will accompany you bravely.. something I look for.

    This breed is worth to study about and I believe Ben is from descendants with brave hearts.