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5 wonders of Sg Lembing, Pahang

1) Mt Tapis (1520m)
It takes about 1.5 hours to 1.75 hours to get to trailhead via 4WD. Ascend to summit fast 8 hours, slow 10 hours. Descend clean trail fast 6 hours, slow 8 hours. 

2) Rainbow Falls
To get there, it takes 1 hour+ by 4WD ride from Sg Lembing town to start point. Start point begins with Sg Lembing river crossing and followed by jungle trekking and climbing rocks, fast 45 minutes, slow 1.5 hours.

3) Panorama Hill  
Famous for nice sunrise view. 45 minutes ascend includes man made steps. At peak time, come as early as 5am for photography.     

4) Tin Mine
A visit to museum is also a must visit especially Sg Lembing is known as the world's second deepest tin mine after Bolivia. It was not mentioned in our school History book, yet our parent's generation heard of it. At the hilltop in front of museum entrance, you can see 270 degree view of Sg Lembing - it was surrounded by hills making it very hot place to live in. That is why all the hotels in Sg Lembing village are equipped with air-conditioners! When it rained heavily, it produced a magical place for Rainbow and Sunrise/ Sunset. A place a must for visit to enjoy the heritage of Malaysia.

At the time of my trip on 16-18 September 2011, tin mine shaft is under renovation for commercial and will be open for tourists soon. At that time, it was under renovation. In my last visit, I was there with the help of our friend who is also the owner of tin mine. More details described in tin mine tour FB album.

5) Tomato noodle at Sg lembing foodcourt
The famous one is at last stall, facing the Handicraft Shop. Available at lunch time. There are other noodles to try like dry chilli noodle, tomato sang min noodle. Taking tomato noodle in second trip to Sg Lembing was like missing its taste, it made me wanting more!

More details of getting to Sg. Lembing, accomodation and hiring guide & 4WD, see my blog, "Glorious Weather at Mt Tapis & Rainbow Falls"

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