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Eclipse & Soda Fashion Facet 2011

Shooting the fashion show for the first time, I went to Midvalley Megamall on Sunday noon. There were many photographers with DSLRs and ready to stand at the platform provided. Seeing the crowd, I chose the further front platform near the side ot stage to get close-up shoot.

Apart from Soda and Eclipse fashion shows, there were Optical 88 specs inserted in the Soda fashion runways. I did not realise that until I saw a signboard on best photography shots on Optical 88 specs after the Soda runway. The shoes were also another attraction, so I took them too.

It was a quick shot using on camera flashgun on each model, nevertheless there was ample lighting available if know how to take charge of it. The fashion wear may be ordinary, but it is the fashion sentiment among young adults and hippie youngsters. They love comfort and style in the era of active youngsters and working women adults.

It takes love of music and fashion to do this photography. I hope my work gives u an interest in the fashion products, do feedback if you like to wear them - that is the main purpose, ain't it?

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